About Us


Volunteers are the backbone of a not-for-profit-organization. Hence any investment in volunteer development becomes an asset for the organization and pays off multiple folds over the years.

Volunteer101.com is an online training portal that provides quality training and resources for current and aspiring volunteers to be better equipped, inspired, and professional as volunteers and leaders in the community. The training involves 6 areas of not-for-profit operation:

  1.       Organization & Leadership
  2.       Personal Development
  3.       Communications & Marketing
  4.       Fundraising
  5.       Human Resources
  6.       Event Management

In future, Volunteer101.com aims to become a major volunteer development academy and resource in the Muslim community.

Over 20
Over 300
Minutes of Training

Our Vision

To be the premier Muslim organization building bridges of understanding and nurturing confident, caring and contributing citizens./gdlr_title]